Hello World!


Teslata is a WordPress theme available in the official WordPress theme directory. It's design is inspired by Googles Material Design principles. The name of the theme is based on my cat Tesla.


DS30 was in need of a simple multi linguistic website to showcase their price listing system.

Via Equity

Via Equity wanted a website that worked within the design rules of their previous site, but with a responsive design, keeping the sites adaptation up to the modern standards of websites.


Voltata is my first publicly released theme added to the official WordPress theme directory. It's ment as a simple blog theme suitible for customization. The name of the theme is based on my cat Volta.


Konstantyner wanted a gridbased website to showcase their cases and work. We achieved that through modifying a preexisting theme.

Blue Dog Litho

Blue Dog Litho is a local gallery in Southern France, which needed a simple website to showcase it's work.

Art Denor

Art Denor needed a simple website to showcase his gallery's work on.


Linusen is a local sewer service business in need of a website. We enden up with a simple website that succeeded in communicating its message.

Beverly Hills Orchestra

Beverly Hills Orchestra needed a website to communicate them as an orchestra. We found this solution through theme customization.

Bysøstrædes Tandlægehus

Bysøstrædes Tandlægehus' websites were one of my first. They were looking for a simple design that was easy to understand and navigate in.

Det Kgl. Danske Haveselskab

Det Kgl. Danske Haveselskab wanted a simple website to showcase their dining locations in Frederiksberg Have. We succeeded through theme customization.

Jensen El

Jensen El is a newly established electrician business, that wanted to establish a web presence.

Alpha Advokater

Alpha Advokater already had a website, but wanted to make it multilingual. We managed to do that through mild theme development.